How To Choose a Moving Company in Dubai

How to Choose a Moving Company

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Choosing a moving company in Dubai can be a daunting task because you will find many companies out there. Moving from one place to another can be challenging, especially when you have a family to take care of. In this situation, choosing an unprofessional mover without conducting necessary due diligence can lead to a stressful move. We have Got a detailed guide on “How to Choose movers in Dubai“, which will surely help you in this regard.

Ask Yourself Some Questions Before Choosing a Moving Company

How Big is Your House?

Lot’s of moving companies in Dubai price their services based on the size of your house. So the cost of moving your house directly depends on the number of bedrooms you have. Here is the most popular home size in Dubai:

  • Studio Apartment 
  • 1-4 Bedroom Apartments
  • Villa

Once you have got the answer to your question, then you have to decide what kind of home moving services in Dubai do you need!

Do You Need Full Moving Services?

Dubai has one of the most advanced property sectors, and it’s not hard to find a variety of homes and apartments. You may be living in a fully furnished apartment where you have just got kitchen stuff and clothes. While on the other hand many people are living in an unfurnished apartment where you need to move the whole stuff like furniture, appliances and kitchen items. Moving companies in Dubai also charge per items when you have got fully furnished apartment, So be clear whether you have:

  • Furnished apartment/ Villa
  • Unfurnished Apartment/ Villa

What is the Type of Move?

Decide on the type of move, whether you are moving within the state or out of state. Every year, many people move around the states in UAE for different reasons, but the job is the most prominent factor that compels people to move. Here are the possible type of moves:

  • In-State Move
  • Out of State Move
  • International Move

So having a clear idea about the type of your move helps you a lot in choosing a moving company in Dubai.

There are many other questions that one should ask before choosing movers in Dubai, but the above mentioned are the most important ones. Alright, now you have got an answer to these questions, then you are good to go for finding a moving company.

How To Find A Moving Company in Dubai?

Dubai has many reputable moving companies and you will have no trouble finding movers in Dubai. However, which company should you hire with? We got some easy yet effective ways to handle your process of choosing a moving company in Dubai.

Ask Your Friends, Family and Colleagues

Getting a moving company recommended by your friends, family, and colleagues is one of the best ways to find movers in Dubai. They would refer you to a moving company based on their experience with that movers.

While most companies offer rewards and discounts to both parties, e.g. referral and referee for choosing them, it is one of the most reliable and popular ways to choose movers and packers in Dubai.

Get a List of Movers From Review Websites

There are many moving and packing related review websites where almost all companies list themselves to get exposure to new clients. This is the second most popular method to choose Dubai’s best moving service providers.

To crack the list of moving companies in Dubai, you must visit the My Moving Review website. Here you can see more than 300 moving companies.

You do not need to reach out to every company.

Contact only the top 10 movers in the list because my moving reviews rank websites based on reviews.

Find Moving Companies at Google

The other method to find moving companies in Dubai is to visit google.ae and put some popular queries in the search bar. ” Movers in Dubai” or “Moving companies in Dubai”. You can also localize your queries by putting areas into it like ” Movers in Palm Jumeirah ” or “Movers in Business Bay”. 

Using these queries, you are good to go with a reasonable number of moving companies.

Do a Background Check 

Before you invest or adapt to any moving services in Dubai, it is ideal to consider the moving company past and present. We term it as a background check. The following check can commence from the moving company’s website.

Or you can look for the company’s business profile on different platforms. In essence, it is a way to roughly examine the company from a broad perspective. 

Read Company Reviews on Google Business Profile 

To start a background check, you could go for Google Business Profile. A business profile is something the where moving company sets there profile to collect reviews from clients. Thus, it offers you a firm base to consider whether to choose that moving company is worth enough.

Opting for a moving company is not easy but with subjective and concrete reviews on Google Business Profile, you can find yourself in a good place with your query.

Read Reviews on My Moving Review Site 

Here is something we all love i.e. to read and predict from the reviews. My Moving Review is a site where moving companies register themselves as a sole service provider. While you plan to consider the next moving company for a job, a review is what will help you the most.

Through reviews, either in the form of suggestions or general, you can find what a specific company is up to. Examining reviews also help your selection since you are viewing the public response for the company. Bluebox movers always strive to provide quality services and you could get a better idea by reading it reviews.

Visit the Company Website 

Visiting the moving company website is fruitful if you look for substantial elements. A website is the company’s way of interacting with you. Thus, make sure you explore the web pages carefully and look for the moving company’s services in Dubai. Often, moving companies provide additional services too.

Thus, look for this news’ and also for potential discount offers. There is a wide chance you might even find how the moving company performs!

Go For Initial Survey 

Since you are done with the background check, it is time for something more concrete. Having a dialogue is one thing and a physical roundup is another. An initial survey is to make sure you patch it all up with your moving company. This includes running an in-person survey or a virtual one. In either case, you need to open up your requirements to the movers. 

In-Person Survey 

Nothing gets better than doing something physically. An in-person survey is where your mover company will develop the nature of your work. This includes their inspection of the destination you want the moving too. Moreover, such a survey also helps the moving company in assessing possible ways and methods to move and transfer your goods. Such an inspection or survey is second-to-none. 

Virtual Survey 

Make sure you avail the opportunity and ease things through a virtual meetup. In such a survey, you communicate with your mover through digital media. The exchange of photos, videos, and others media sources prepares your moving company for a better service.

Such a survey also finds importance when the moving company or your schedule is overcrowded. Thus, to avoid the time, a virtual survey helps well. 

Ask For The Quotation 

Any business you point out, there will be several quotations in the cabinets. Being an applicant for acquiring the services of a moving company, you need to look for these quotations. This is a smooth and transparent way to assess what the company charges and what for. Many movers offer a bundle of services but people that do not take interest in it can suffer more. 

If you are planning to move out soon, then get a free of cost moving quotation from Bluebox Movers within no time.

Get At Least Three Quotations 

Never settle for anything less. Especially when you are choosing a moving company in Dubai to transfer your goods. Getting your hands on three quotations eases the selection process for you. Ideally, you need to shortlist three fine packages which the movers have to offer. Considering your budget and the requirement goals you have set out, selection becomes easy. 

See What Services are Mentioned in the Quotations 

Having a service at your fingertips is one thing. But reading and reflecting upon it carefully is a different task altogether. Quotations carry different moving services information. Moreover, have a sharp look at what the company is offering you and highlight the offers which best fit your goals and demands. 

Balance b/w Quality and Price 

A moving company has to move and transfer your goods over distances. Hence, you can find their services or higher perspective. However, since you are paying them good bucks, just be sure to not spend extra! Selecting a quotation is important since it has to be per your requirements. And a big requirement for you has to be good services against decent and acceptable cost!

Negotiate the Price 

Negotiation is a great trick if you can achieve it perfectly. Moving forward, you need to be at your best or with the best when shortlisting the moving companies in Dubai. Often, you will find the movers that present you with a limited number of services. Hence, in such a case, the trick of negotiation will come into play. 

Ask for the Discount 

When things do not go away unconditionally, it is time to look for some incentive. As explained earlier, you might not get exactly from the moving companies that you want. Thus, you will need to look for discounts. You need to note that not every quotation will carry most of the things you are looking for. However, a discount can bring you even with the movers!

May Ask to Upgrade the Services to Premium 

However, if you do not find exactly what you need even in half the quantity, it is best to look for an upgrade. Although discounts can come into play if there are small lacking. But if the gaps are large, you need to look for an upgrade. It is because sometimes upgrading is cheaper than paying more for the missing services. 

Choosing a Moving Company 

Finally, you have reached a make or breakpoint. A background check, survey, quotation, and negotiation have set you up nicely for the final nail in the coffin. But there is more to invest rather than cash. You need to consider what a moving company needs to have in it for you. For some, it is the cost, whereas, for some, it is the maximum number of beneficial services. 

Do Not Choose Based on Price 

Although pricing structure is a major factor that we need to consider for anything. But few services require you to look for them in general. A moving company has to reduce your burden and make your tougher task swift. Thus, when considering a moving company in Dubai, you need to select a plan that gives you the maximum services not only a low price at all. 

Choose the Company that Best Fits Your Needs 

Looking for incentives and discounts is not favorable every time. Do not just look for a low-cost service or for a plan that offers low services. Always select the moving company offering services that suits you because each moving as it’s own needs, depending on the building structure, location of your apartment within building etc. You could also read out our apartment moving hacks that sure help you to move out with more professionalism, even a high cost does not affect your requirements at large. 

Book Your Moving in Advance 

To be on the safer side, it is best to plan, execute, and have some surety in advance. But this happens when you do not press the panic button and think smartly. Play safe and book your favorable moving company before the date you want your shifting to be done. This gives some valuable time to select one rapidly in case the first one leaves you unwanted. Thus, special services like shifting of goods or rearrangements require you to have good preparation in advance. 

Ask for the Boxes in Advance 

Another great way to keep your moving company bound to you is to look for some incentives and additions. These can be in the form of asking the moving company to send you a few cartons or boxes in advance. This also helps you to pack necessary items that you consider valuable. It also saves some time on the day of shifting or transferring. And in addition, such a practice helps you consider your valuable goods under your eye line.

Communicate the Changes on Time 

Finally, bring some professionalism in yourself too. We leave and question a lot regarding our suppliers and service providers. But do not look to bring about a productive change in ourselves. Moving companies are not our brand. Thus, we need to keep them in check every time. Thus, when you consider you need to make a shift or a change in the date or time, always inform them upfront rapidly!  

Bottom Line

By following the above mentioned process you can make a stressful task of choosing a moving company in Dubai way easy and fast. However if you are moving your apartment and villa in Dubai, Bluebox Movers offer you an instant moving quote free of cost.

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