Painters in Dubai

Painting Services

Bluebox painters in dubai are trained to provide top-notch services to clients. They are always in uniform with up-to-date equipment and painting materials. We take orders for both large- and small-scale painting projects. Bluebox painters in dubai are professional, we free of cost survey-based painting services.

Our Painting Services

Villa Painting Services

Bluebox offers color sampling to choose your required ones from the samples. Our villa painters are efficient in painting your entire villa with customized color schemes and wallpapers chosen by the clients. We offer urgent services and an affordable villa painting service too.

Apartment Painting Services

Bluebox apartment painting services are highly appreciated by our customers for the multi-dimensional facilities we provide. We can paint both your apartment’s exterior and interior. From textured walls to the high ceilings, we paint all. We can also turn your studio apartment into a marvel.

Office Painting Services

Bluebox offers an appreciable office painting service at the best price. We also specialize in painting metal and wood structures. Our expertise is in painting both exteriors and interiors of small and large towering office buildings. Our office painters in dubai complete every project in time.

Furniture Painting Services

Furniture painting requires expert handling that is provided by Bluebox furniture painting services. We use high-quality material to paint your home, office, and apartment furniture as well as doors and windows. Not just wood but our furniture painting service also paint metal equally well.

Why Bluebox Painting Services Are Best

Quality Paint

Bluebox painting services are ranked higher due to the quality of their painting material and paints. We use long-lasting and odor-free paints. Wallpapers are of solid vinyl for ensuring durability. Furniture is polished neatly with termite-resistant tested paints. Moreover, we use high-quality paint and wallpaper applicators.

Qualified Painters

Bluebox painters in dubai are well-trained for all sorts of painting services. We complete all projects within time. Our professional painting team is skilled in painting small and large buildings, textured walls, high ceilings, wooden and metal furniture as well as villa, office, and apartment interiors specifically

Pre Painting Preparation

Bluebox painting services are provided with great care. Our painters protect the surroundings and scrape out the old paint. Next is the fixing of gouges in the surface followed by the sanding process to smoothen it. After further cleaning, the surface is primed and painted.

Post Painting Cleaning

Bluebox painting services also include post-painting services when the job is done. Our painters clean the entire area wipe paint stains if any. Tapings are removed from the surfaces that were protected while painting. Bluebox painters also clean all the paint containers and other messes.

Color Schemes & Assistance

Bluebox painting services offer free-of-cost 24/7 color scheme assistance to the clients. Customers can easily take a look at our color swatches and schemes to decide what to apply to their walls. Our experts are available anytime for your assistance regarding color combinations.


Most frequent questions and answers

Bluebox provides multiple painting services that are mentioned below.

  • Villa painting services.
  • Apartment painting services.
  • Office painting services.
  • Furniture painting services.

Bluebox gets to work as soon as the customers have sent the quotation. We also offer urgently provided apartment painting services.

The cost of Villa painting services depends on the following factors as stated below.

  • The number of rooms to be painted according to their measurements.
  • Hours required for the work to be completed.
  • Type of paint or wallpaper demanded to be applied.

Bluebox painting services costs for paints, workforce, pre-painting, and post-painting services only.