Home Movers in Dubai

If you are clueless about how you are going to deal with home moving difficulties, Bluebox movers have got a solution for you. We ensure the safety of your goods and chattels. Not just we do move your belongings but we also provide storage units to keep them safe till you get completely shifted. You can easily get a free quotation to avail Bluebox home mover service.

home movers in dubai

What Do We Offer

Home Moving Services

Bluebox movers help in home moving almost every single day. There are professional movers in the team who does the job of packing and loading your stuff and take it to the destination. With Bluebox movers it has become way easier to relocate your furniture and other household items while being packed and transported with care.

Handyman Services

While moving into a new place you need some time to get settled, for all that duration Bluebox home mover services could be trusted upon. We have skilled movers for all the furniture and electronic fixings of your new home.

Why To Choose Our Home Movers in Dubai

Affordable Charges

Bluebox movers and packers offer value for money services. We have flexible budgets to work for. If you are a new client, we also provide exclusive discounts.

Proficient Movers

Professional movers will ensure first to pack each of your possessions separately according to the kind of packing they require. Bluebox movers are comprised of a well-trained team to handle the goods with absolute care, deliver it well and then settle it.

Reliable Services

Bluebox movers and packers provide trustworthy services. You can trust us with taking complete responsibility for your stuff for moving it. We also provide the exceptional services of packing, moving, and delivering at the most affordable rates possible.

State of The Art Equipment's

Movers being proficient is just not enough for smart moving, hence Bluebox has the most futuristic equipment to make use of for moving purposes. We have customized covered vehicles to move your stuff through. The other machines include several loaders and other equipment required.

Reassurance and Satisfaction

With any service, Bluebox does not confine its clients. We take the burden off from your shoulders and do all the work required to shift and settle to another place.  


Most frequent questions and answers

Bluebox is a well-known packing and moving service due to its reliability. You can always inform our movers beforehand so that they would pack and move it cautiously.

Bluebox does everything by its self. The clients only have to ensure that there is a spacious parking space and must inform the place the stuff is going to be delivered.

This is one of the best things about Bluebox that they follow your guidance for anything. Our hassle-free service will place and settle everything as per our requirement and instructions.

Bluebox movers and packers will first pack the items appropriately. They will then load it and unpack it upon delivery.

The cost of moving is not fixed for all homes. Bluebox Movers surveys and assess your place and then decide the cost according to the workforce required and the distance to be covered for moving your home.

Like every other belonging at your home, Bluebox movers and packers also relocate the gym items with equal care.