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What Are Some Best Hacks While Moving An Apartment?

Hacks for Apartment moving

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Best hacks while moving an apartment are what most people are in search of. It takes a lot of effort and smart planning to pack and move an apartment. In this guide, we have discussed some best hacks while moving an apartment for apartment movers in Dubai.

Best Hacks For Apartment Moving

Purge Out And Donate

The first thing to do while moving is to eliminate the things you do not need. Declutter your wardrobes and rooms with the non-essential stuff donate the useful ones and dump the rest. It is better not to leave this purge for the last moment. 

Make A Strategy

You need bunch of apartment moving hacks including quotations, budgets, planning of the moving dates, and packing arrangements. But this point is not applicable, if you are doing a short-notice move. Our apartment movers in Dubai facilitate with everything else you just need to get the quotation and inform your budget with other instructions you may want us to follow.

Use Trash Bags For Clothes

Oversized trash bags are one of the best and thrifty options for hanging clothes. There are hanging clothes that you do not want to ruin during relocation. Iron them and hang them on the large trash bag holders. This will keep them straight and undamaged.

Take Care Of The Measurements

One of the top hacks for apartment moving is to avoid tough situations where any of your furniture gets stuck in the doorways. Take the measurement of the new apartment and its doors. Disassemble your furniture to get it settled or get it exchanged with the one that can get fixed into your new apartment.

Keep The Required Ones Closer

Always keep the things you require more often closer in separate bags. These essentials require your food, toiletries, keys, documents, medicines, and other things. Save the items that require refrigeration in coolers, keep keys in your bags. Most importantly, secure all your documents in folders.

Color Coding Technique

Color Coding Technique helps in determining the things you have kept in the boxes. Pack each room, bathroom, and kitchen in separate boxes and stick different colors of tapes onto them to differentiate. You can further label them for the movers to take care of them.

Pack Smart

Use towels and other linens for packing glass items but if you would hire professional movers like Elite Movers CA, a Santa Barbara Moving company. Make use of toilet paper or put rubber bands onto the cords to keep them detangled. Put fruits, drinks, vegetables, and other cooked items in the cooler. Pack the plates vertically and put knives in oven mitts.

Capture Pictures Of Wirings

Wirings are quite technical and to keep yourself. Capture pictures of your TV, Computer, and other wirings to do them again after the move. Take the picture of the box you have stored them in this will save you from the hassle of finding them.

Make Use Of Suitcases

Use your suitcases to protect your expensive, jewelry, cash, and important cards. You can also use them for keeping the clothes, towels, toothbrushes, shampoo, and soap that you will be needing after the move. They could also be used to keep picture frames and makeup.

Wrap Drawers As It Is

Wrap the drawers and wardrobes as it is without removing items from them. This trick will save extra space from being occupied with extra boxes. Tape all the openings of the drawers and put the painter’s tape to keep them safe from the scratches too.


Apartment moving gets really easy when you have some tricks up your sleeve to do that effortlessly. Our guide provides you with the best hacks you need while apartment moving. Follow these hacks to make an efficient move. If you are looking for movers then visit

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