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What Are The Essential Checklist In A Moving Day?

Essentoal Checklist

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A checklist for home moving is a must to avoid future troubles. Home moving company must give extra attention to these prerequisites of moving. A checklist for moving must be made and kept until the moving is done to keep everything sorted. 

Checklist For Moving

Estimate The Moving Cost

Exclusive of the additional packing material charges as well as the moving costs, You need to figure out the excessive costs. This could include packing costs, decluttering, settlement, vehicle costs, labor costs, and other additional costs too. Most of the moving companies in Dubai provide inclusive moving services, however breaking it down It will help in maintaining enough budget for the home move. Also include things that you want to buy.

Home Moving Schedule

Set a proper schedule including a proper pre-moving rituals timetable. Start preparing for the move a month before the exact date but if are facing a short-notice move then you do not have to work on it. Start decluttering the house to get a clear image of the stuff you want to move with. Separate the essentials and start packing the items that you do not use on daily basis. 

Contact and Book Movers

Select 3 to 4 movers and quote them for your service. Compare the cost of them and choose the one with affordable costs and additional complimentary services. Set a fair deal with them and sign the contract that has everything mentioned in it. Discuss your requirements and the date you are comfortable with the relocation.

Junk Decluttering

Begin decluttering a month before the exact moving day to make the process smoother. Remove the junk from your home and clean room by room for thorough decluttering. Keep the items that you would like to have in the longer run. Declutter anything that has been wasted and donate those that can still be used. 

Packing Strategies

Make appropriate packing strategies for the items you want to take with you. Store food items in containers and freeze them. Pack breakable items in bubble wrap, towels and pack them further with cartons. Even if you are not packing on your own this step is crucial to be added to your checklist for moving.

Update With New Address

Change your address with the new one on all the utilities, tax, and legal forms. Inform your relatives, friends, internet provider, bank, insurance companies, license departments. Upgrade your new address at your school or workplace including employers or employees too. This process is important for home movers to receive important future mails and crucial documents.

Get An Insurance

The most important step for home movers in Dubai is to get their home insurance done. This will ensure your safety at times of any damage caused by any disaster. Insurance of the stuff you are moving must also be done. The moving company, in that case, will be responsible for the damage while moving.

Arrangements For Pets

Special arrangements must be made for the pets if you have any while moving. You might send them over to any friend’s or relative’s house during relocation but make sure they are vaccinated. Otherwise keep their essentials and them with you throughout moving. Take special care of their health and feed during the process of moving. You can also use a list of measure that can assist you to get moved with the pets in a hassle free manner.

Keep The Basics Intact

Put aside the essential things including some clothes, toiletries, kitchen items, food, and some tools. Keep everything you need during the move or immediately after moving in a separate bag in your car. This bag must also include your file for important documents to avoid losing them. One’s checklist for moving must never lack this.


A checklist for moving is something of great importance to have during shifting home. Bluebox Movers article on simplifying the procedure of home moving will also be beneficial for you..

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