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What Are The Best Tips To Pack Kitchen Items?

Tips to pack kitchen items

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Tips to pack kitchen items help in dealing with the move significantly more fittingly. Kitchen things are hard to pack as they are distinctive shapes just as some are to be taken into additional consideration. To make this frightful assignment somewhat simpler for home moving in Dubai, we have here the best tips to pack kitchen items.

Tips To Pack Kitchen Items

Home movers in Dubai are always in search of quick and simple techniques to pack the kitchen. Through this article, we have tried to deliver the best tips to pack kitchen items to simplify your move.

Begin With Organization

The best practice to pack kitchen items is to first separate the essential and non-essential things. Pack anything you require not urgently but later. Keep the ones you require daily with you in separate grocery bags.  Sort out and categorize everything. The article essential checklist on a moving day will help you further.

Decluttering Is The Key

Declutter or donate anything that you will not be needing later. Declutter any appliances or utensils that are damaged. Donate if you have excessive cooking pots or other utensils. Make sure you clean the spice racks and dispose off the old and expired ones, if you have unexpired packed food you can donate it too.

Collect The Right Packing Material

Collect the appropriate packing material to pack everything correctly. Use plain print papers or old newspapers for packing glass items. Purchase plastic wraps to keep everything in place. Get different colored markers to label different boxes. Calculate the items to be moved and buy boxes of different sizes. Buy enough tape to seal boxes properly.

Pack Everything Accordingly

Use the right strategy to pack everything smartly. Use pieces of clothes or towels to secure glass items. Pack appliances with their wires in large boxes. The nesting technique is considered best for packing pots, bowls, and plastic glasses. Pack knives and sharp items in paper and then any cloth. Pack glasses and cups separately.

Put Appliances Together

Appliances are needed to be prepared for packing at least a week before. They take a lot of time to get packed and so they must not be left for the ending. Appliances like microwaves, blenders, and induction stoves could be left for the 11th hour. Pack appliances with all their wires and other accessories.

Pack Pantry and Spice Cabinets

Store the packed spices in a separate smaller box. Pack spice jars and other opened ingredients in different boxes. Give away extra and unneeded items to friends or family. Pack the rest of the items like flours, rice, etc in canvas bags or plastic containers. Label the cartons with markers of different colors for each.

Empty Your Refrigerator

Refrigerators are needed to be emptied and cleaned at least a day before the move. Make sure you put the non-required things aside first and then keep only the essential ones. Use ice boxes to store the essential food items and bottles. Pack the rest or donate them too if you do not have enough space.

Pack The Drawers

Drawers usually contain spoons and other daily-use items. It is advised to clean the drawers first and remove the access equipment. If you have any cookbooks in the drawers, pack them straight. Just keep the necessary things for the family members out and pack the rest. Packing the drawer in the same box will be more useful.


The best tips to pack kitchen items are always needed by home movers in Dubai. Bluebox movers and packers have accumulated the best tips to pack kitchen items in this article to simplify your move.

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